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30 July 04

Plastic cutting board

If Plastic chopping board touch with high grease is not easy to clean, nor high temperature,If you do not add antibacterial ingredients, which very easy to breed bacteria.

plastic cutting board.jpg

Synthetic cutting board

Its main advantage lies in less water absorption, less chip, tool-friendly, ingredients do not slippery.

Some synthetic chopping board surface non-slip and antibacterial treatment, to some extent, will be more healthy.

But the price is high, before purchase notice have antibacterial function or not.

Synthetic cutting board.jpg

Wood cutting board

If you want to cut, cut the bones must use wood, easy to use and not hurt the knife.

Texture is more hard maple, black walnut, cherry, oak, etc., not easy to crack, suitable for increasing the value of the chopping board.

because of easy moldy to pay attention to storage.

wood cutting board 16.jpg

Bamboo cutting board

Bamboo cutting board production process, usually require the use of adhesive splicing, most of the glue to formaldehyde as the main raw material to produce urea-formaldehyde resin glue, so bamboo chopping board may remain traces of formaldehyde。

If there is smell, it is recommended to put in the air for a few days after the volatile taste and then use.

Bamboo cutting board (2).jpg

When selecting a cutting board, it should be considered from three factors: material, use, safety.