Porous design bamboo storage tool holder meets all your needs
30 July 04

With the practical design of multi-holes, kitchen knives can find a place to stay. Holes can be designed for each different tool and can be easily inserted and placed.


Natural texture

The bamboo pattern is naturally fresh, exquisite, delicate and beautiful. Simple shape, no cracks, gaps, spikes, and maintain natural style.


Simple assembly and disassembly

Tenon structure, removable between components, easy and convenient cleaning. Holes and joints are few, and it is not easy to retain bacterial dirt.


More than just a knife

The design of the knife holder takes into account both practicality and convenience, and the caliber is larger. The cleavers, kitchen knives, and fruit knives can be easily incorporated. Next to the larger holes, chopsticks, spoons, etc. can be placed for easy access.


When you are hacking in the kitchen, a handy knife holder allows you to improve not only the cooking efficiency but also a delicious meal.