Process flow for bamboo product processing
30 July 04

  1. Preparation:

    choose applicable specifications bamboo panel, according to the size of the material, blanking, extended 1.5 cm or less processing, to special-shaped products. According to different shape, size and plane light light after trimming, the thickness of 0.3 mm or less makeup machining, using aqueous polymer isocyanate wood adhesive in the normal pressure (direct pressure 16 million mpa, lateral pressure 16 million mpa) temperature at 35 ℃ for dry 3 h as a whole.

  2. Details:

    according to the shape and size of the product, which are not abnormal, and the size is controlled at plus or minus 1mm. Fine cutting, drilling, precise error is + / - 0.5 mm.

    profile processing appearance shape is the same as the sample size which shall not exceed 2-3 mm.


  3. Manual carving:

    refer to the original shape to require no burr, knife seal, smooth and natural, the shape and size are the same, the bamboo product material is hard and not easy to deform, the carving texture is clear, the edges and corners are clear and solid.

  4. Sand light:

    the coarse sand of 80 # abrasive cloth shall not be deformed, the round is required, 150 #, 180 #, 240 #.Sand light is required for fine sand process,required smooth and smooth natural, the guide tube is smooth and the process is for the engraving product to be treated with 150 #, 180 #, 240 #. Sand cloth for sand bright wheel emery, non-deformable, flat and solid.


  5. roup stand:

    use AB iron glue to assemble. the cloth glue is even, without the gluing phenomenon can apply the appropriate pressure. Under 30 -35 the situation of 6 hours or so, the glue dry can decompress the production, making sure the structure is not loose, strong and firm.

  6. Check sand:

    for the glue in the connection of the product to scratch, use 180#, 240# sand cloth to handle the hand sand, the requirement is smooth and smooth, and keep the product humidity in 24 hours in the warm room of 25 to 30.

  7. Painting:

    the paint is mainly made of bamboo and wood grain, and it can be done on the base of two sides. It requires clear and transparent surface. It is glossy, smooth, and has a good feel and wear-resisting


  8. The packaging:

    make sure that the surface is flawless, the shape of the body, the size and size of the standard, and the packing materials are 150 pounds of cardboard, and the weight of the box is 18 to 23 pounds, and the packaging test through 3 times to ensure the quality of the product