Recommend hot sell bamboo expandable cutlery drawer tray organizer
30 July 04

Five large compartments

Tidy up drawers in your home with Seville Classics' Expandable Drawer Organizer. Tray has three static compartments and two that expand on either side. Built from sustainable, durable bamboo. Our tray is an alternative to plastic and hardwood utensil trays and drawer organizers. Bamboo is as dense as maple and lighter weight than oak. This attractive bamboo organizer multiplies your storage and maximizes every inch of drawer space.

Expandable Large Tray

Pull the drawers apart to access two large compartments. They're just as functional inside of a drawer as they are atop a dresser or counter top, craft table or workbench.

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Long Compartments

Three main, undivided compartments provide a space to store long tools, like turkey basters, whisks, graters, timers, tongs, skimmers, spoons, and any thing else your kitchen needs. Middle compartments measure 3.75" wide by 17.75" long. Fully-expanded side compartments measure 4.75" wide by 17.75" long.

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Sustainable Bamboo Construction

Fast-growing and plentiful, bamboo is a naturally hardy building material. Bamboo is also harder than maple while remaining lightweight.

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Living With Seville Classics

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Kitchen Tools

Extra long compartments are ideal for organizing kitchen tools, like spatulas, whisks, ladles, corkscrews and gas lighters.


This item is also handy in the office for organizing pens, notepads and paper clips. Fits most standard sized kitchen or desk drawers.


Use for more than just kitchen utensils and tools! Store brushes, needles, thread, nail polish, cosmetics and more!

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