Rubber wood cutting board will not be deformed after prolonged use
30 July 04

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 Rubber wood cutting board is a cutting board manufacturer using natural rubber wood processing and disinfection of a variety of processes made of refined, with anti-corrosion waterproof durable, convenient and sanitary, fresh wood, fine workmanship, appearance and style characteristics. So, some people will ask since so many advantages, rubber wood cutting board will not be deformed after long-term use?

If you use one side for a long time, a slight deformation over a long period of time cannot be avoided. The principle is very simple, always use one side, and this side will receive more water, including the moisture in the air, the more water will expand, while the other side is still in a contracted state, both sides of the water imbalance, this will Causes distortion. In turn, the use of a few days will slowly change, so as long as the two sides are used interchangeably, there is no need to worry about deformation.

     In addition, rubber and wood are better because they are not easy to scratch when they are used, and the wood is not easy to crack after being rinsed with water. Therefore, rubberwood should be the best choice for cutting boards.