Salad bowls WOODS TO AVOID
30 July 04


Beech - Beech wood does not have the durability characteristics required for kitchenware. If not treated, beech will turn yellow, fade and eventually turn gray. This may be compensated by staining or death, which may not be food-safe.

Oak - Lovely look, oak examples are not very durable. They are easily broken and split, and tend to shrink as they ripen - and oak often requires stains to play its characteristics. However, non-FDA approved dyeing may not be food safe and should be avoided.

You should especially avoid the use of red oak dishes and other products - they have an open and porous cell wall, so that water can pass through, which is different from white oak (white oak was known as the ship's building material because of its water resistance) .

Birch - At the softer end of the hardwood scales, birch loses its bulk when dried, making it the main material for twisting and warping; therefore, it is not suitable for bowls.