Say goodbye to the dirty desktop, just a small Bamboo wooden storage
30 July 04

Drawers are always chaotic, small objects can't always be found, and you can't seem to get killed when you are in a hurry. At this time, you will need a suitable small tabletop storage to help you store your items properly. You can also expand the interior space. The simple desktop can be more efficient.

The original bamboo is made of raw materials, which retains the texture of bamboo and is comfortable to touch. It is designed to store different small objects on the desktop. The height of the bottom is combined with the ultra-wide design. It has a superb storage function and can store most of the hidden market. Keyboard, placed on the desktop it will be your good partner in work and life.

Say goodbye to the dirty desktop

Log wind desktop storage, use of natural and harmless materials, environmental health, different size of the three grid design, can be classified storage of various types of jewelry, glasses, watches and other small items, the left can be used as a tissue box, as the use of storage boxes more diverse Change.

 just a small Bamboo wooden storage

A simple and stylish storage box pen holder, smooth and delicate surface, clear wood texture and color, it is heartwarming. Multi-storage storage space design, classified storage items more convenient, so that the desktop instantly become neat and clean.

This is a never-ending perpetual calendar. It is also a storage bin for various types of pens and tools. The wooden texture is clearly visible, the surface is smooth and clear, and the natural and elegant colors add a deep natural charm to the home life. Place pens, remote controls, cell phones, and other debris to make your home life easier and cleaner.

The simple square design is planned rationally. The middle can be used as a tissue box to meet commonly used size paper towels or commonly used notes and cards. The left and right right two small partitions are designed to meet common stationery or other commonly used debris, neat tentacle can be and.

Say goodbye to the dirty desktop, just a small Bamboo wooden storage

A very comfortable desktop storage box, made of natural solid wood material, clear texture, and slowly exudes natural flavor, simple Founder design, open storage space, remote storage of all miscellaneous items, can be Save the chaotic living room.

The high-quality solid wood mobile phone holder is designed with a simple and creative mid-level shape, which can easily place a mobile phone. It can also be used as a business card holder, document display rack, and a variety of messy business cards to enhance the cleanliness of the desktop and make the office more ritualistic.

Neat life requires only a simple admission to learn more efficient use of space and bid farewell to “dirty and messy”.