Stainless steel garlic pot and bamboo garlic pot which is better?
30 July 04

Bamboo garlic pot


【Product Description】: Raw material Anji Bamboo, China's bamboo township, is processed by advanced equipment and refined by high-temperature steam sterilization, carbonization, antimony, ultraviolet baking and other technological processes, with high strength, good toughness, no cracks, no rot , easy to clean and other advantages. Antique, simple and durable! It is the first choice for a practical home kitchen. It can be used to grind garlic, and the beautiful MM can also be used to make facial masks. The handles are sleek, and the feel is very good. It is more convenient to use. It is definitely a good helper for making food!


Product Features: Solid weight, green environmental protection, smooth and delicate without burrs, deformation, bending, easy washing and high temperature disinfection, non-toxic health, reusable, is the best choice for family diet.

Suggestion: Do not expose

It has been hand-polished many times and is durable.