Start with a beautiful chopping block and make the kitchen pleasing
30 July 04

You are the head chef at home, and even if you have a lot of family tastes, superb craftsmanship can make you satisfied food.

When it comes to the chef, the place where you can show your skills is surely the kitchen. Heavy oil in the kitchen heavy smoke, easy to produce a lot of garbage, every time cleaning, masks, hood gloves glove cleaning cloth fully armed, just like snoring! Labor and labor are not enough for the health of family members. (The feeling of cooking yourself can also be a little more pleasant)

Even if a big move is done drastically, the walls can reflect their own shadows. However, it never occurred to me that there was another place that you ignored and threatened the health of the family.

That's right, it's the cutting board.

Any questions?

A whole piece of wooden wood cutting board is naturally very natural, but due to strong water absorption, it is not easy to dry after use, it is easy to mold! Moreover, the wood is also affected by the humidity, and it is not particularly durable in the north. It often cracks, and these cracks and the usual knife-and-stamp will be an ideal place for filth and bacteria breeding.

If it is softwood, the scratches will be slightly lighter, but its fatal flaw is - it will drop the slag. Is it safe to use this type of chopping board as a baby food supplement?

Bamboo cutting board  (5).jpg

However, this cutting board is not the same.

Bamboo cutting board is not only light, smooth, but also antibacterial function. The bamboo cutting board is treated with high temperature and high pressure and has the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, abrasion resistance, firmness, and good toughness. It is light, hygienic and fresh. Moreover, in Chinese medicine, bamboo is slightly cold and has a certain role in inhibiting bacterial reproduction.

      Of course, even if the bamboo cutting board is not easy to breed bacteria, it should be cleaned and dried after cutting the dish every day. If possible, drying in the sun is best. After each brushing with water, it is then soaked in salt water for about 2 hours at a concentration of approximately 15%, and then taken out to dryness. This not only kills the bacteria, but also prevents the cutting boards from cracking.