The Best Cutting Board Tricks And Tips 1
30 July 04

Occasionally, we let go of our own knife and invited others to go home for dinner. We like to see the tips and tricks our friends use in their kitchens, so they are always keen to wander around and check around the cooking space. Unfortunately, we noticed a disturbing trend: Some of you are trying to destroy yourself with your own chopping board.

There are several indispensable tips and tricks along the way. We hope you will shout to the universe. If we all use the best cutting board to do this work, we will have excellent cooking and excellence on the correct surface under the correct shape. In addition, you will be more calm, reduce your abilities, have plenty of room, and make sure you never cross-contaminate any of your ingredients. Doesn't this sound like a much less stressful cooking experience? We also think so!

1. Place a wet towel under the cutting board to prevent it from falling off.

bamboo cutting board1.jpg

If you come up with a suggestion from this article, let it be this one. We are confused about the number of people who do not do this. Place the cutting board on a sturdy surface to protect you from the danger of the cutting board slipping out of the shredding pressure. The chopping of the cutting board caused an accident on the chopping block, which nobody wanted. We like to fold the wet kitchen cloth in half and put a wooden cutting board on it. It makes us feel safer, which makes our tooling technology more accurate.

cutting board2.jpg

See these? When plastic hits your countertop, every ounce of pressure you apply while cutting will cause the plastic to slip out of the knife and your hand will be harmed. Towel tricks will increase your confidence and change your kitchen life. we promise.