The Best Cutting Boards for a Thanksgiving Turkey
30 July 04


That is the season again, thanksgiving! Whether it is joy, celebration, and of course there is a traditional turkey feast prepared for friends and family. Although most Thanksgiving participants only need to show appetite, the chef's role is a bit more complicated. It is to satisfy a room full of hungry mouths, to entertain a cadre guest and to favor the kitchen command center.

As if the cooking turkey was not hard enough, the presentation was the final outcome. The magician sliced the turkey into turkeys. At this point, the audience has been attracted by several hours of expectation and will give a choir of “Ooohs!”. And "Ahhhs!" sees juicy juice flowing out of the roast turkey... or when the owner is struggling with sculpted meat, giving a painful, polite smile to let The dish became confused.

Therefore, rather than let cooking waste for hours, one of the best ingredients for the Thanksgiving feast is an adequately sized chopping block or piece of meat. As the average turkey size increases year by year, it is important to always overestimate rather than underestimate. Larger paperboards not only provide a much needed cutting area, but also the size and volume of the juice tank. Some cooking methods, such as frying, can create a delicious, but very juicy bird, which can often exceed normal chopping boards or engraving boards.

If you plan to serve turkey on a cutting board, unless you plan to clean up the chaos that may occur afterwards, we strongly recommend the use of a juice tank or tray. Most of the boards we listed above have a juice tank or tray, and the price difference is fairly nominal between the grooves and the non-grooved plates.