The Shortcomings of rubber wood cutting board
30 July 04

rubber wood cutting board (2).jpg


1. The chopping board made of rubber wood material has a great odor.

2. There are many kinds of bacteria in rubber wood cutting boards. If we buy rubber wood cutting boards and use them improperly, it will have some impact on our body.

However, if we buy a rubber wood-based cutting board and use it for the first time, first use boiling hot water to cook a rubber wood cutting board to disinfect it, which is very easy to operate, and it is also very Simple, not to use any harmful anti-virus products to clean up. We also use natural sunlight to irradiate our rubber wood cutting boards after we use water to disinfect the rubber wood cutting boards. In this case, rubber wood cutting boards are not very easy to grow bacteria.

The rubber wood chopping board is very suitable for the modern home which is very stylishly decorated. It looks even more beautiful. Things are two-sided, we can not only see the advantages of oak cutting board, we can not only see its shortcomings. On the whole, rubber wood chopping board is a good kitchen item.