The advantage is that cost-effective, good durability, casually toss, blade protection is decent,...
30 July 04

Wooden chopping board

Wooden cutting board should be the most used Chinese cutting board, and common cypress, ginkgo wood, willow, elm, soft texture, moderate water absorption, good flexibility.

In addition, there are some hard-quality wood can also be made into cutting board, such as maple, black walnut, cherry, oak, etc., low water absorption, easy to crack, for the pendulum is very beautiful.

For those who often cut, chop, wooden cutting board simply can not be better used.

Note: afraid of damp, easy to mold.

If improper maintenance, wooden chopping board will mold, affecting the service life, but also affect human health, so remember to use after cleaning and drying.

wood cutting board 5.jpg

Bamboo cutting board

In addition to wood cutting board, bamboo cutting board is also very popular choice.

Bamboo fiber tough, increased hardness after processing, it is resistant to chop. And low water absorption, not easy to mold, high degree of applicability.

However, bamboo cutting board is easy to make ingredients slipping, and the tool is not friendly, if your home is more advanced knives, it is best not to choose bamboo cutting board.

Note: Be careful bamboo board with formaldehyde.

Bamboo cutting board in the production process, usually require the use of adhesive splicing, and most of the adhesive is formaldehyde as the main raw material to produce urea-formaldehyde resin glue, so bamboo chopping board may remain traces of formaldehyde