The advantage of bamboo products
30 July 04

bmaboo rack.jpg

1, prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. Bamboo has an automatic adjustment and maintain the temperature, its own not cool, heat and cool in winter.

2, health vision. Bamboo texture has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, elegant color, soft and warm, beneficial to people's vision, can reduce the incidence of myopia.

3, to reduce noise. Bamboo itself has sound-absorbing, noise, reduce the sound pressure, shorten the residual sound time function.

4, to avoid allergic asthma. Bamboo through high-temperature cooking, bleaching, carbonation, bamboo fiber to remove all nutrients, completely destroyed the living conditions of moths and bacteria, not moldy, can reduce asthma, allergy.

5, Nature's natural characteristics. Bamboo and human life are the same as natural, and bamboo spinning irregularities in rules and regulations have changed, the natural color of bamboo, special texture, as the Song Dynasty poet Su Dong-po "rather eat meat, can not live without bamboo" . Natural materials are elegant and valuable symbol. Natural aroma is exuded, the texture of bamboo is beautiful, fresh and fragrant gas is also distributed, which is good for body and mind.