The advantages and development prospects of bamboo products
30 July 04

Log prices, freight rates, and fierce competition from companies, at the end of the 1980s, a company to avoid homogenized production and compete with its peers for raw materials, took the lead in adopting a new suite of doors and windows with bamboo-based wood, in the industry. It is unique. They successfully developed a technology for the production of bamboo shreds and hollow fiberboards. This technology has been recognized as the first in China by an authoritative organization. Experts have determined that the originality of this type of hollow board lies in the square shape of the hollow, and that it is compressed by the flat pressing method. The hollow structure is used on the bamboo door and window panel, not only saving bamboo materials, but also reducing weight. It also has the effect of heat insulation and sound insulation. At the same time, the strength of bamboo is stronger than that of wood. The hollow structural design process has been adopted to enhance the mechanical strength of the door and window panels so that they will not be deformed.


Bamboo can not only be used in civil buildings, and even can be used as large-scale engineering construction materials. This is a huge difference from the past when only bamboo was used to build local houses. The use of bamboo as a building decoration material is generally of three uses - load-bearing materials (such as girders), plates (such as bamboo flooring), and decorative materials (such as bamboo furniture veneers). With these three types of materials, the use of bamboo to cover the villa is sufficient. People in the construction industry believe that the application of bamboo structural materials will change the traditional material composition of the construction industry, so that bamboo, a fast-growing plant resource, will enter the building materials industry.

Due to the lightness of bamboo, more and more bamboo tables and chairs and bamboo daily necessities made of bamboo are on the market. Bamboo tables and chairs and bamboo daily necessities have fresh, natural color, smoothness, good toughness, and wear resistance. Because of its characteristics, it was widely used by the market once it appeared. And because China has a very rich bamboo resource, bamboo has a short material time and strong survivability, which has laid a solid foundation for the large-scale promotion of bamboo tables and chairs. In today's increasingly tense timber resources, bamboo tables and chairs are getting more and more attention, and people are known as environmentally friendly products. Bamboo tables and chairs have unique features: straight texture, elegant colors, and "will rather eat without meat, can not live without bamboo" reputation. In addition to the artificial selection in the production process, bamboo tables and chairs are dimensionally stable, mechanically strong, durable, and taken from nature, naturally used, non-polluting, but also adding more cultural taste to the room, winning the whole World consumers love it.