The advantages and disadvantages of bamboo furniture
30 July 04

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Bamboo furniture advantages:

1, environmental pollution: the use of natural bamboo, renewable resources, into a short time, no chemical pollution, pure environmental protection furniture. Bamboo furniture with special plastic, green green, not harmful to the human body.

2, the texture of natural: bamboo has its unique natural lines, the texture is clearly visible, always give a simple and elegant fresh, bamboo patchwork, beautiful appearance, there is not the reputation of bending.

3, Dongnuanxialiang: bamboo with moisture absorption endothermic performance, Dongnuanxialiang. Hot summer can sweat, cold winter can also give people to warm, or with a cushion, more soft and comfortable. Bamboo also has a soundproof effect, so that home more quiet.

4, the prevention of myopia: bamboo furniture can absorb ultraviolet light, bamboo furniture at home, can effectively alleviate the human eye fatigue, so that the eyes more comfortable, prevent myopia.

5, bearing a good weight: Bamboo Glulam production by hydrothermal carbonation treatment, good sealing, can be effective against insects and mildew. Compared with the wooden furniture, bamboo furniture, physical and mechanical properties more outstanding, more load-bearing capacity. If both load-bearing capacity is equivalent, bamboo furniture is lighter and less costly.

6, modeling stress: simple and neat shape, smooth lines stretch, functional diversification, color changes, diverse styles. And the new bamboo furniture design can be integrated with the architectural design, interior design to achieve integration and has a bearing space integration function.

Bamboo furniture disadvantages:

Bamboo Glulam furniture in the production process through hydrothermal carbonation treatment, can effectively pest control moth and mildew. Although bamboo furniture has many advantages, but in the market bamboo furniture is still not very good response. Leading to this reaction is rooted in people's misunderstanding of the current bamboo furniture, consumers generally believe that bamboo furniture has not been any anti-corrosion, moth and other treatment, prone to insects, cracking phenomenon.