The advantages of carbonized wood
30 July 04

(1) Depth charring wood originates from Europe and has many years of use records. The famous Lyon Opera House used an all-carbonized wood structure in 1997.

(2) Depth carbonized wood is safe and environmentally friendly. It is a completely environmentally friendly anti-corrosion and insect-proof wood that does not contain any preservatives or chemical additives, and has a good function of anti-corrosion and insect protection. No special odor, no side effects on the joints, metal parts, suitable for indoor and outdoor.

(3) Depth charring wood is not easy to absorb water, low moisture content, is not cracking wood. Resistant to moisture, not easily deformed. It is excellent moisture-proof wood.

(4) The deep carbonized wood has good processing performance and overcomes the drawbacks of the surface fuzz on the product. Completely degreased, easy to apply.

(5) Depth carbonization The color of the wood is the same as that of the outside, and the pan-soft silk is glossy and the texture becomes clearer. Feel warm.