The advantages of oak wood cutting board
30 July 04

The color of the beech wood cutting board is very elegant, the wood grain is very delicate, and the beech wood has strong impact resistance. If the beech wood cutting board is thick enough, it is mostly suitable for humeral heads. In the case of hardwood, juniper wood chopping boards are no different from cockroaches, but bakelite chopping boards have particularly good antibacterial properties, because meat certainly has many bacteria remaining, and juniper trees have a certain degree of inhibition against these pathogens.


Alder is heavy, strong, impact resistant, easy to bend under steam, nailing performance is good, texture is clear, wood material is uniform, color tone is soft and smooth. Alder wood cutting boards are heavier than most common hardwoods (compared under the same conditions of volumetric size), and are in the upper middle level in all wood hardness rankings. Alder wood cutting boards are prone to cracks and deformation during the drying process, so a good alder cutting board is relatively rare. The growth of coffins is difficult, and the color of the chopping board made will be different and not very visually good.


In general, oak wood cutting board is still very good, not only high quality, long life, there is a certain degree of antibacterial properties.