The characteristics and production of bamboo keyboard and mouse.
30 July 04

Material: natural bamboo; support platform: compatible with WINDOWS/Mac OS operating system. When used, the roller part of the wheel glows blue light and the red light from the bottom of the mouse, to make the user's international life a little more colorful and exciting, with the latest optical technology design, high resolution and scanning rate, the mouse can be accurate to locate the key and the key to the key to a 10 million times, the key to the key to the keystroke and the life-span is guaranteed. The overall shape of the ergonomics is, it's nice, it's flexible, it's flexible, it's efficient to reduce the amount of fatigue that the mouse brings.

Production process

It is generally used for more than 5 years of bamboo, so its density and hardness are enough. After the bamboo is transported to the factory, it is cut, opened, dried and cleaned, and then refined. Next, it is necessary to carry out the process of group embryo, sanding, upper primer and so on. After the whole shell comes out, the circuit board is assembled into the shell. Since the inner shell of the keyboard and mouse can not be mechanically polished, it must be polished by hand.


The product features

All bamboo bamboo keyboard tapping small, has a natural constant temperature performance, can effectively avoid electrostatic generation when using, and to extend the service life of the keyboard electronic components, plastic keyboard is better than now. 

  1. Good practicability, good sense of hand, anti-static, radiation, easy to clean, absorbance and antibacterial, cool in winter and summer;

  2. Replace plastic with bamboo material, improve the degradability of products and achieve the goal of green environmental protection;

  3. Special production of high temperature and high pressure carbonization process of middle bamboo meat, which will never crack and never deform;

  4. The bamboo keyboard has a novel and unique appearance, elegant and elegant, noble and elegant, which greatly improves the ornamental value of the product.

  5. Good practicability, good sense of hands, antistatic, radiation, easy to clean, sweat and bacteria, cool in winter and summer;

  6. The unique anti-static effect of bamboo keyboard has been hit more than 5 million times;

  7. The normal service life of a computer requires 3 ordinary keyboards, while the service life of 1 bamboo keyboard can satisfy the use of 3 PCS.

  8. National invention patent and utility model patent;

  9. The bamboo texture has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays better, and its color is elegant, soft and warm appearance; It can also alleviate the visual fatigue and reduce the occurrence of myopia. It is an extremely decorative and health handicarcraft, which can meet people's increasing pursuit of life taste.

  10. Compatibility :PS/2, USB compatible with all computers, compatible with all systems of 98.

The innovation process

The keyboard and mouse such products, the technology is quite mature, who can build. But the idea of using bamboo to build a keyboard and mouse,

The bamboo keyboard is the first innovation. Bamboo keyboard tapping sound small, natural constant temperature, can avoid static electricity, beneficial to prolong the life of the keyboard electronic components. The biggest selling point of such innovation is environmental protection, especially in developed countries such as Europe and the United States. Environmental protection products are often the most popular, even if the price is slightly higher. The humble bamboo, processed into a keyboard and mouse, has become a good product for environmental health. The computer is expected to wear a full set of "bamboo garments" so far, the production of bamboo keyboard and mouse are basically exported to the United States, South Korea, the united Arab emirates and other countries. And they are in talks with well-known computer companies such as lenovo. In view of the low cost of bamboo keyboard and bamboo mouse, good sense of hand, convenient use and environmental protection, it will be widely promoted in the future. In the future, we will extend the production field to the computer host, display case and so on, so that the computer "put on" the full range of environmental protection.