The cutting board produces 200,000 bacteria for 7 days.
30 July 04

The cutting board produces 200,000 bacteria for 7 days. You also use it to cut lettuce and be careful about food poisoning!

Wash your hands before meals, and the dishes are sterilized daily. But have you noticed that you cut the chopping board every day? According to research, after using a brand new sterilized cutting board for 7 days, it will still produce up to 200,000 bacteria even if it is scoured every day. In particular, scratches on old cutting boards are a good place for filth.


Most people do not pay attention to the separate use of cutting boards. In particular, cutting the raw meat and lettuce to use the same cutting board, the temperature and time for cooking the cooked vegetables are far below the conditions for killing parasites in the meat, and cross-infection is prone to occur.

With natural healthy raw materials--bamboo cutting board, it is the best companion for cutting vegetables and meat.

The cutting board has the characteristics of being easy to clean, easy to clean, and not moldy, and can limit the bacteria on the cutting board to the lowest value.

Three colors to choose from, to help you easily achieve cutting vegetables, cut meat, cut fruit special board