The development of modern technology promotes the production of bamboo furniture
30 July 04

The modern science and technology has been quite developed, and it has created very favorable conditions for the production of bamboo furniture, especially the development of bamboo processing technology. It can be said that modern technology has driven the development of bamboo furniture.


Bamboo plate production enterprises can process and customize bamboo materials of various specifications and structures. The products have natural texture, clear and beautiful appearance, outstanding physical and mechanical properties, good tensile and compression resistance, elasticity, waterproof and moisture resistance, and durability. Modern bamboo furniture has made bold breakthroughs in style design, achieving a perfect combination of fashion and environmental protection, elegant elegance and comfort. The new material bamboo furniture also has a healthier quality, a good sound-absorbing sound insulation effect, noise noise is effectively eliminated, the room environment is more peaceful and peaceful.

The bamboo material has the function of absorbing ultraviolet rays, effectively eliminating the damage of ultraviolet rays in the light to the human body, and has a very good effect of protecting the eyes and preventing eye diseases. At the same time, bamboo can also protect radiation to a certain extent. Bamboo integration material and bamboo reorganization material inherit the excellent properties of bamboo. At the same time, bamboo materials that have undergone scientific treatment have good anti-corrosion, anti-crack, and insect-repellent properties. Compared with wooden materials, bamboo material has stronger physical and mechanical properties. Under the same bearing strength, new bamboo material furniture components can use smaller size to meet the strength requirements, and the overall shape of the furniture can be designed to be more lightweight and elegant. More beautiful.

The bamboo furniture made of new type of bamboo material has almost the same shape as the solid wood furniture: there is no hardware fitting in the use of concrete structure. With the structural advantages of these solid wood furniture, the traditional advantages of bamboo furniture have not been weakened: no dust, no condensation, easy to clean, can effectively prevent the breeding of ticks, allergic people use will be of great benefit. In addition, the new type of bamboo material is harder and denser than wood, and its compressive and bending strength is higher. The bamboo pattern is clear and beautiful, and its texture is elegant and very grand.