The distance between you and the kitchen god, Is an acacia wood cutting board
30 July 04

Everyone who cooks knows that the chopping board is good. From full-time to full-fledged dinner, as small as diced green onion, every meal you eat is closely related to it. You deserve the best!

How important is a healthy and environmentally friendly cutting board? Traditional bamboo, wood, plastic cutting board after a period of time in use, the side seams and knife seams will become moldy and black, moldy cutting board will breed a large number of carcinogenic toxins such as Aspergillus flavus. There are also those poor-quality bamboo cutting boards that are glued together with glue. There is formaldehyde in the glue. The harm does not say. You also understand that inferior plastic cutting boards will have plasticizers and they will come in from the mouth. Health threats, you must not be taken seriously.

Today, the Acacia wood cutting board, which is recommended for health and beauty, is placed in the kitchen. It's very beautiful, and even chopping vegetables are pleasing to the eye.


What is Acacia Wood?

Acacia wood is famous for its texture, and is often used for valuable items such as guitars and artistic mosaics. In ancient times, people used it as medicine to sterilize wounds and reduce inflammation. Acacia = Healthy Wood


The world's best quality natural acacia wood

Acacia has 3,500 hours of full sunshine throughout the year. The structure is fine, the cut surface is smooth, and the texture is wavy. It has beautiful and irregular dark and light stripes. It is chic and elegant. The natural stripes are clear and vivid, which is comparable to walnut.

Latitude 15 ° north-bound gold producing area, natural water, natural wood, strength and impact toughness, corrosion resistance, all kinds of cut and no problem! It is not easy to deform under the temperature conditions of a large temperature.

Robust, delicate and durable

Following the ancient method of polishing, the delicate touch and sleek slivers have a warm, sturdy feel that satisfies the imagination of a strong, durable and attractive cutting board.

The wooden blocks are spliced with high-quality latex and are naturally odorless.

After the food testing of the authoritative organization SGS laboratory, it is safe and non-toxic and can be used as a complementary food cutting board for baby kitchens.

Natural logs, natural beauty

The texture is natural and beautiful. It is the most beautiful of the Acacia wood products. Each piece of furniture has both wood texture and delicate touch to maximize the dining experience.