The family is suitable for using bamboo cutting board
30 July 04


With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the material of the cutting board is no longer confined to wood alone. In order to meet the modern, convenient and hygienic needs of life, cutting boards of different materials come into being. Today, we come to understand why homes are suitable for bamboo dishes. board.

According to reports, in daily life, if it is not necessary to vigorously chop, ordinary chopping operation, cutting board manufacturers recommend cutting boards for home bamboo board material, because light and thin is not easy to cut deep scratches, easy to clean, fast dry It is easy to mold, and it is not easy to leave behind the odor of meat and other dishes; we should pay attention to the choice of tightly spliced, odorless surface glue, and pay attention to see if the texture of bamboo is over-stretched or bent. Otherwise it may cause cracking and deformation later.

Therefore, in summary, according to their own needs, the general family recommended buying a piece of bamboo spliced meat, and buying a piece of cut vegetables and fruits, which is convenient to use and easy to handle.