The function of cutting board rack
30 July 04

In many people's homes, when the cutting board is generally used, it is not placed horizontally or erectly, it is hung on the wall. In fact, it is not beautiful, it is not safe, and it is easy to breed bacteria. So the best is to buy a cutting board. Racks can be placed on shelves.


The cutting board rack is mainly a rack for placing a cutting board or a cutting board, and can also be called a storage rack. In general, in addition to the cutting board rack used to put the cutting board, most of the cutting board rack has a variety of storage functions, but also can accommodate kitchen knives, spoons, dishes and other kitchen utensils.

The kitchen utensils such as chopping boards can be stored on the cutting board rack to make the kitchen more tidy, clean, and beautiful. On the other hand, it is safer than hanging on the wall or on the countertop.