The harm in not changing the cutting board for a long time
30 July 04

The cutting board wholesaler reminds the general public that the cutting board is a high-frequency daily necessities. Whether it is clean or not will actually affect human health. If the conditions permit, it is necessary to replace the cutting board in time to ensure good health.


According to reports, the harmful microorganisms in the cutting board are mainly fungi and bacteria. The appropriate temperature and residual moisture and organic materials on the cutting board provide a suitable environment for the growth of these microorganisms. The uneven marks on the cutting board are just like Numerous dark and moist “holes” are very suitable for the survival and reproduction of fungi and bacteria. Sometimes we have long hairs or dark spots that are visible to the naked eye. Those who seem to be mossy are such fungi. Although they are harmless to most people, they have low immunity. The population has pathogenicity.

In addition to the choice of cutting board, in addition to timely replacement of the cutting board, the cleanliness of daily life is also very important, fungi and bacteria are afraid of losing moisture, therefore, the usual cleaning and preservation of the cutting board must first choose a ventilated, dry place, after each use Washing and drying in time can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.