The history of bamboo handicrafts
30 July 04

Bamboo products handicrafts refers to the products made of bamboo as raw materials, in addition to the daily use of chopsticks, chopping boards, mats, etc., In recent years, Flooring furniture is more popular now, bamboo and other crafts belong to the higher value of bamboo products.


Ancient times, China's Central Plains, the northern region does not grow bamboo, so with animal bones to write, the South rich bamboo, the symbol or text engraved on the bamboo. But bamboo is difficult to save, than the animal bones. So, after a long time, we are fortunate enough to see the Shang Dynasty Oracle relics, but it is difficult to see the then bamboo carving works. However, according to the ancient literature on the record, the source of Chinese bamboo carving art, as early as before the Shang Dynasty had appeared, it is beyond doubt. China is the world's first use of bamboo products in the country.

bamboo wastebaske.jpg

In all ages enjoy as a work of art. Because of the pursuit of quality, bamboo craft is not just used to make bamboo baskets and bamboo baskets, and modern home decoration in the floor lamp, lamp, life suitcase can also be produced by bamboo craft, and beautiful and practical.

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