The home cutting board as dirty as the toilet 99% of people can not know how to clean (2)
30 July 04

Sun exposure

If have good weather, you can put the cutting board into the sun exposure. The sun's ultraviolet rays not only kill most bacteria, but also remove most of the moisture accumulated by the chopping board and keep the chopping board clean and dry.


Boiling water

Use a hard brush and water to clean the surface, then rinse it again with boiling water. It should be noted that, do not flush with boiling water at the beginning, because there may be residue left on the cutting board, in case of heat will solidify, more difficult to clean. Wash the chopping board and hang it in the shade after washing.



Cut a small piece of ginger, the first time after the cutting board washed, ginger on the cutting board, wipe it again, rinse with water, and then continue to wipe it again. Several consecutive operations, you can remove the smell and disinfection.


In addition to cleaning and disinfection chopping block, but also the need for routine maintenance work, especially wood chopping board or bamboo chopping board, so as to extend the service life.

Vegetable oil cracking

For wooden chopping board or bamboo chopping board, used for a long time will crack. We can avoid this problem by brushing plant oils because of their ability to infiltrate and moisturize the wood.


For the newly purchased chopping block, dry towel can be dip oil, wipe the positive and negative sides, such as oil infiltration dry several times.


If you usually use the chopping board for a long time, the surface dry rough, can be coated with coconut oil conservation, try to avoid cracking.


Salt mold mildew

Wooden chopping board used for a long time will produce mildew, people worry. In fact, only the newly bought chopping block soaked in concentrated brine for 10 minutes, then ventilated to dry, we can effectively prevent mildew.


It is worth reminding that the chopping board can not be soaked in water or exposure for a long time, otherwise it is easy to deform and shorten the service life.


Clean it in time

Some people do not use the chopping board after cleaning, to be reused next time. This can lead to contamination of food, bacteria, but also make the chopping board smell. It is best to clean the chopping board immediately after dinner, clean and tidy kitchen, but also give yourself a good mood