The material of the cutting board is also divided into many kinds. How to clean the cutting board...
30 July 04

Bamboo chopping board

When buying chopping boards, do not buy that special color white, and do not have the sour smell of the chopping board, the chopping block is likely to have been fumigated sulfur, contains harmful substances. Bamboo chopping board is not easy to crack, not deformed, not breeding bacteria.

Cleaning method: first wash with water, and then into the salt water two hours after the bubble was removed and dried. After cleaning, to control the water hanging, ventilated and dry place.

bamboo cutting board (2).jpg

Wood chopping board

Most of the wooden cutting board is made of hard and compact wood, which has the characteristics of strong toughness and corrosion resistance. But the disadvantage of the wooden cutting board is that it is easy to drop the wood chips. If the wooden cutting board at the knife marks can not be completely cleaned, it is easy to dirt, bacteria breeding.

Cleaning method: Baking the baking soda powder directly on the surface of the cutting board, gently wipe the wet sponge down the wood grain, then rinse it cleanly and dry it naturally.

wood cutting board.jpg

Plastic chopping board

Plastic chopping board is relatively light texture, the chance of dirt is also small, but also easier to clean. Only in the choice of plastic chopping board, must be the material of the chopping block whether the food-grade requirements to judge, otherwise it is not good for your health.

Cleaning method: Scrub with a soft cloth, do not use steel brush to scrub, otherwise it will scratch the surface, increase the chance of dirt.

plastic cutting board.jpg

Tempered glass cutting board

Super cute tempered glass cutting board, stylish appearance, pleasant appearance, effective mothproof moth. In particular, the use of concave and convex surface design, cutting food is not easy to slippery, safer. High-density material, the surface is not easy to leave marks, longer service life.

Cleaning methods: Tempered glass cutting board hardness, there are certain antibacterial characteristics, is not easy to breed bacteria, so as long as rinse with water can be.

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