The misunderstanding of the selection and purchase of bamboo cutting board
30 July 04

For the purchase of bamboo products, many consumers have misperceptions.


Bamboo age is not the older the better

Consumers will hear from salespeople selling bamboo cutting boards: “Our bamboos are of excellent quality and there are 9 years of bamboo age.” Many consumers also believe that the older the bamboo is, the more mature bamboo flooring will be, and the stronger it will be, the stronger the bamboo flooring will be. . In fact, experts believe that the age of bamboo is not the bigger the better. The best bamboo age should be between 4 and 7 years. The following 4 years are too young to grow and the bamboo is too tender. The age of 9 years old bamboo is too thick to be brittle. Too tender and too old will affect the stability of the bamboo floor.