The most popular INS plate presentation aesthetics are inseparable from this Acacia wood cutting ...
30 July 04

Every time you brush Ins to see pictures of food, even if you are full, you will still see hungry. Obviously, they are ordinary foods. They are given a pendulum and they have an appetite.

After seeing more, I discovered that the original recipe was on the chopping block.


Of course, seriously picking the chopping block is not just about making good-looking photos. Due to the need for frequent contact with food, to avoid the disease from the mouth, a good cutting board is very particular about the material selection, production process.


Through the food safety test, it does not contain any toxic substances, it is durable and hard to break, and it is resistant to deformation at high and low temperatures. It has both strength and value.

Each piece of chopping board adopts Thai national science and technology and follows the ancient method. More than 20 tedious processes such as drying, grinding, splicing, etc. are completed in Thailand. With high polish and soft touch, each pattern is slightly different, retaining the original color of the logs.


The products have passed the food testing of the Swiss SGS laboratory, an authoritative testing agency of Switzerland, with zero formaldehyde, no industrial glue, no harmful paint, and direct contact with food. Even the baby can rest assured.