The process of making bamboo serving tray
30 July 04

Bamboo is a renewable resource and has become an important alternative to tropical hardwood in recent years. When you look at bamboo cabinets, bamboo trays or bamboo chopping boards, you may wonder how bamboo bamboo is processed into solid bamboo. It is worth noting that engineering bamboo can be divided into two major categories; "bamboo glulam" and "Woven bamboo" (or both). Panels similar to OSB, MDF, particleboard, sheet panels, etc. are also made of bamboo fibers and bamboo sheets, but panels made of strips (laminate) or ropes (weave) are currently the most commonly used panels in Europe.

Bamboo Glulam


Bamboo plywood is made from bamboo strips cut into flat rectangular bamboo strips. This "seam" then sticks together either horizontally (plain pressed) or vertical (lside pressed).