The pros and cons of wood cutting board
30 July 04

Expertswarned that,from a healthpoint of view,or wood mbarrels and wooden cutting boardis good.Expertsfor plasticrice bucket, cutting boardsand woodenrice bucket, cutting boardscomparative studycarried outwillShigellaand E. coliwere inoculatedin bothmbarrels,menu board,surprisingly, on thewoodenrice bucket, vegetablesboardtwo bacteriaarekilled,and the plasticplatewas left intactbacteria, butalsowith soapand other cleaning difficult to remove bacteria.In addition,the majority of plastic filler harmful, Overuse of plastic rice bucket, cutting boards, there will besometoxicsubstances into the body to produce toxic effects, of course,wooden board wood annoying,but its impact on human health an dno harm,if the switch to hard wood such as rubber wood,Sapele,spinach Rogge cutting boards, etc.,can reduce the impact of food sawdust.