The quality of bamboo is not related to bamboo age.
30 July 04

Does the quality of bamboo relate to bamboo age?

The citizen zhang asks, the raw material of bamboo products is bamboo, the age of bamboo is bigger. Does its wearability, waterproof and function be stronger? The age that makes it stronger?


Answer: the quality of bamboo products is not related to the age of bamboo, because before factory, already according to different consumer demand, added a lot of craft. The older the bamboo is, the better. In fact, the best age of bamboo is 4-6 years in ordinary home decoration, and it is too small for four years. Nine years old bamboo is old, the old bamboo skin is too thick, the use is more brittle also not good. Some businessmen in the thickness of the floor as a selling point, is actually mislead consumers. it is because the bamboo, older material is too fragile. so to increase the thickness of the floor, it is shows that a thick bamboo floor quality is poor. Generally speaking, bamboo floor 1.5cm thick is ok.