The specific method of maintaining the Beech wood cutting board
30 July 04

Beech wood cutting board (8).jpg

In order to better maintain the cutting board and prevent cracking, the cutting board wholesaler will carry out a process - foaming salt water and soaking oil before issuing the cutting board. In fact, this process can also be carried out at home to extend the service life of the product.

First, find a container that can hold the cutting board, add water and 300 g of salt not more than 50 degrees; then put the cutting board, ensure that the salt water has not passed the cutting board, soak for 24 to 48 hours to take out the cutting board, stand upright and cool Let it dry for about 30 minutes. Then heat the cooking oil to about 60 degrees. The temperature should not be too high. Apply the cooking oil on both sides of the cutting board and the edges. Spread evenly, apply as much as possible, and apply for several hours. Wait for it to absorb well.

In this process, it should be noted that the new cutting board just needs a five-day maintenance process, once a day, but it can be used after the first immersion, and once a month thereafter.