The use of bamboo mortar and pestle
30 July 04

Although the bamboo garlic pot is called a bamboo garlic pot , it can also be used to chop up ginger and shallots. Garlic is a spicy food, so adding it to a paste and adding it to the dish helps remove odor and improve the taste of the ingredients. Cooking is always a troublesome hungry thing. If you slowly knife it and chop it, it will take time and effort to think about it. Therefore, the role of the garlic pot is reflected in the garlic thrown directly into the tube, even the garlic does not have to pull, and it is easy to lose. And when the garlic is crushed bare in the air for more than 10 minutes. It will have a strong anti-cancer effect. So the garlic pot is one of the essential supplies in the kitchen.

   In general, people with cold body and cold body are most likely to have cold hands and feet, so everyone can put cold ginger in the body to remove cold when cooking. However, many people spit ginger when they are eating, and it is impossible to feel the mixture of ginger. In addition, you can put some ginger and garlic when cooking food, which can improve the taste and deliciousness of the meat.

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