The use of cutting boards has a great influence on our body
30 July 04

 Cutting boards are frequently used kitchen items in our lives. Scientific use of cutting boards has a great influence on our health and food safety. Let's give a brief introduction to the wholesale of cutting board.

     The cutting board is one of the most frequently used tools in the kitchen, and almost any kind of cooking ingredients are processed through it. According to scientific measurements, there are more than 400,000 bacteria per square centimeter on the cutting board and it is the birthplace of many diseases. As a result, the cutting board is a place where bacteria can thrive, and it is a place where the disease enters the mouth. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly disinfect cutting boards to reduce the growth of bacteria.

     At the same time, we must also tell everyone that the newly bought cutting board should be soaked in salt brine or brine for two days, so that the pier can eat salt, salt can absorb the moisture in the air, can maintain a certain humidity for a long time, so that the cutting board is also It will not be dry and can greatly extend the service life.

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