The wooden cutting board should always keep moist when used
30 July 04


The cutting board manufacturer stated that for the newly purchased cutting board has not yet been used, please keep the original packaging film of the cutting board sealed and placed in a cool place, do not open the packaging film to make the new cutting board cool for a long time outside, so as not to cause Dry and chapped.

     Secondly, the cutting board has been treated with high temperature and crack prevention, but it is still natural wood after all, there is no paint waxing treatment, and it is not a steel plate or plastic plate, so the natural wood cutting board, especially the new solid wood cutting board is still afraid of drying, if a week Only use the cutting board once or so, often wet the cutting board, let it absorb moisture, put it in the shade, and avoid the sun.

     Therefore, we should always pay attention to keeping the wet wood cutting board moist. After each use, we must put a special cotton wet towel cloth on the surface of the cutting board and the edges. Place it flat in the shade to avoid the tuyere and the sun. The use of a period of time is relatively less likely to dry.