Those Make people excited walnut cutlery
30 July 04

Making a home with walnut has a long history. From the 18th century, Europeans made carriages with noble walnuts as interiors.

Today, it is still the first choice for interior car furnishings and home furnishings, symbolizing luxury and prestige of luxury cars and furniture. Of course, the cutlery on the table must be created with it to create an atmosphere.


Black walnut has the customary atmosphere of dark wood, and the delicate tortoiseshell texture is the heart of the craftsman. It places the food and entertains the guests with a good appearance, showing the owner's intentions.


Wooden products are always natural and self-contained. Put some fruit or cakes and the food becomes delicious.


Walnut is a medium density, but very hard, moderate in flexural strength and breaking strength, low in rigidity, and good in steam bending performance.


The proportion is only 0.64-0.65, it is no wonder that the luxury car heritage has not abandoned the preferred decorative timber that has not been abandoned yet, and Walnut has been rated as the wood with strong heartwood corrosion resistance.


The woodware looks like life is elegant, naturally moist, and in a long period of time quietly precipitated into a fine texture, as a device, stable and not easily cracked.