Top 3 Cutting Board for Meat Reviews 2018 - NO.2
30 July 04

2. Premium Bamboo Cutting Board & Professional Heavy Duty Butcher Block


This is a 17 x 13 x 1.5 inch thick cutting board. Due to its large size, it can be used for all types of shredding and cutting. The main body of the anvil is made of bamboo, which is lighter than other similarly sized cutting boards. It is also very tough and scratch resistant. This bamboo cutting board is very durable and an ideal investment.

Product Highlights

* The board is dense enough for various types of shredding

* It will not damage the tool

* Designed for professionals and amateurs

* The surface is porous and does not support bacterial growth

* The cutting board is easy to clean

* The surface does not absorb liquids and is soaked in stains and odors

* Resistant to cracking and warping

* Do not use toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process

*Environmentally friendly products