What Storage Options for Your Kitchen Knives-- Magnetic Knife Racks
30 July 04

In order to make your knife handy, you need to organize and keep it properly.Throwing a knife with other metal objects into a drawer will dull over time and damage the blade. Finding the knife you want is not easy. When you look for a knife to use in a crowded drawer, you may cut yourself. Before choosing the best storage option for your kitchen knife, there are a few important things you need to consider:

  • What is your available counter/wall space?

  • How many kitchen knives do you have/need?

  • What material and design would you prefer?

  • Are there small children in your house?

Bellow are several most common knife storage options with their potential benefits and limitation.


Bamboo Magnetic Knife Racks

If the kitchen or counter space is limited, magnetic wall mounts can be truly space-saving. These knives contain powerful magnets that ensure blade safety and easy access. The magnetic stand is versatile and can be used to place kitchen scissors, other kitchen utensils and small metal items such as keys.

The magnetic blade holder also allows you to choose to install it high enough to prevent children from touching it.

A magnetic knife holder is usually mounted on the kitchen wall to keep your favorite kitchen knives handy. For those who do not like to drill into the wall, another solution may be to stick the magnet face to the refrigerator or other metal surface of the kitchen.

This is a more hygienic choice for storing tools than standard knives. No hidden place to collect dirt or bacteria. The magnetic frame can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

Possible disadvantages: If the magnet is not strong enough, some heavier knives may slip. If you lower the knife, the handle will prevent the knife from sliding.

To avoid damage to the blade, be sure to gently attach the blade side to the metal frame and gently twist and pull the handle while removing the blade from the magnetic strip.

Magnetic blades with a wood surface are more elegant than stainless steel magnetic handles. The wood surface is also more wear-resistant than metal.