What Storage Options for Your Kitchen Knives--Wooden Knife Blocks
30 July 04


Wooden Knife Blocks

Wooden knife blocks made from acacia or pine wood look elegant and suitable for most kitchen decorations. If you have a special set of tools, this may be a good choice. However, there are problems keeping dirt blocks clean and sterilized. Washing blocks with water will cause cracking of the wood. It is almost impossible to completely remove dust, dirt and bacteria from the slots.

To clean the block, remove all the tools and turn them over. Shake it and click it to remove bread crumbs and dust.

To disinfect the block, spray the bleach or distilled vinegar solution into the tank and allow to stand for a few minutes. Rinse the block and invert it to allow time to dry thoroughly. Use mineral oil to protect the smoothness of the wood and keep it smooth.

To overcome the maintenance problem, manufacturers manufactured wooden blocks that were easier to clean than standard wooden blocks. This knife block has a removable insert for easy cleaning. Removable folding plastic inserts allow you to easily insert and organize a variety of tools. This tool holder can accommodate more than the standard knife.