What are the Best Cooking Utensils for Non-stick Cookware?- Wooden Utensils
30 July 04


In order to properly take care of your non-stick cans and pans, it is important to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. One of the most important rules to remember is that you should avoid the use of non-stick coated metal appliances. The non-stick inner surface cannot withstand cutting food in the pan, or use a sharp metal spoon and scraper. Using a metal tool to stir or remove food from the pan can easily damage the non-stick coating. Once the coating is scratched or pitted, it is best to replace the damaged cookware.

When cooking in non-stick cookware, you need to use scratch-resistant bedding such as wood, bamboo, silicone or nylon. Kitchenware made from these materials will help you maintain a non-stick surface and extend the life of your sensitive cookware.

Wooden Utensils


Natural products: Wood is a natural product that does not leach chemicals when cooking foods.

Decoration: Wooden bedding looks nice and elegant, and can be easily incorporated into any kitchen decor. They add a beautiful natural style to your kitchen.

Comfort: Wooden utensils do not transfer heat, feel comfortable and strong.

Perfect for mixing and mixing: The wooden spoon is particularly suitable for stirring risotto, cooking caramel, and working with a little bit of other foods to resist. It is faster than a spoon made of flexible material and it is easier to complete work. The wooden spoon is also suitable for tasting the food you are preparing.


Maintenance: Wooden cutlery is not dishwasher safe and occasional conditioning is also required. Otherwise, they will soon show signs of wear, such as dryness, cracks and debris. Food-grade mineral oils should be regularly applied to extend the life of these products.

Health problems: Wood absorbs moisture and can absorb food particles, which provides a good environment for bacterial growth. For this reason, wooden utensils are not considered hygienic.

No odor: wooden utensils can stain, and sometimes can maintain the smell of food. To remove food odors, use a cleaning cream with baking soda and water.