What are the advantages and disadvantages of bamboo plates?
30 July 04

The bamboo plate is a plate and a square plate made from a piece of fine processed bamboo pieces that have been processed by gluing. The bamboo plate production usually requires the use of 4-6 age-diameter bamboos, sawing, cutting, and roughing. High-temperature cooking, high-pressure carbonization, drying, fine planing, color selection, embossing, sanding and other dozens of processing, has excellent physical properties, and has a small water swelling coefficient, no cracking, no deformation Etc.

Bamboo plates are also known as bamboo plates, bamboo plates, bamboo plates, bamboo furniture plates, bamboo plates, and bamboo glulam. The surface is similar to wooden boards, carbonized bamboo board, beautiful board surface, fresh bamboo pattern, natural color, pleasant bamboo, elegant style, high degree of splitting, elasticity and toughness, divided into natural bamboo board according to production process, carbonization Bamboo plate, and zebra bamboo plate; According to the bamboo structure is divided into flat pressure bamboo plate, side pressure bamboo plate, I-shaped bamboo plate, aspect bamboo plate, bamboo single plate and multilayer plate


The advantages of bamboo plates:

1, because the bamboo board is a bamboo strip splicing method, and in the case of high temperature composite adhesion, which makes it a solid and stable, not easily deformed, not open glue characteristics.

2, In addition, because the bamboo plate stripped of sugar, starch and other substances, it also has a strong anti-moth, durable features. This bamboo board is very wear-resistant and resistant to mildew.

3. The bamboo materials of bamboo plates are mainly taken from nature, replacing the original wood, and have less negative impact on the human body.

4. Because the surface of the bamboo plate is smooth and soft, the art and the natural is a kind of advanced material with stable quality, and it is also easy to carry out the color matching of the home.

Disadvantages of bamboo plates:

1. In terms of stability, the shrinkage and expansion of the bamboo plate is smaller than other plates, which makes it susceptible to seasons. For example, in the wet weather or hot weather in the south, the bamboo plate may be slightly deformed. In addition, bamboo plates are also susceptible to scratching, so it is usually necessary to avoid scratching sharp objects.

2. The maintenance of bamboo plates is time consuming and requires energy. It requires regular waxing to prolong life. This may cause inconvenience to individual friends.