What are the advantages of bamboo furniture relative to wooden furniture?
30 July 04

In recent years, with the deepening of the “low-carbon” concept and the shortage of global timber resources, bamboo furniture has gradually surfaced and entered the public view. Bamboo furniture due to adequate raw materials, low prices, coupled with meticulous design, will become the new darling of furniture in the future, will also lead the transformation and upgrading of the furniture industry.


China is a bamboo kingdom. The growth cycle of bamboo is about one-tenth of that of ordinary wood. Bamboo is processed through scientific processing and can completely replace wood and become a new favorite of furniture materials. Due to the abundant raw materials, short cycle of renewable resources, and sustainable use, the bamboo furniture, combined with the exquisite design of the designer, takes into account both tradition and modernity, practicality and environmental protection. In the absence of global timber resources, it will become the main force of furniture in the future. military.

Bamboo has a strict structure, light weight, and flexibility. Soft when wet, tough when dry, extremely flexible, can be bent freely, shape shape, bamboo material furniture can be personalized to produce a smooth line, a variety of ideal furniture. It is also possible to weave various patterns using the main skeleton of winding furniture such as rattan and rattan cores, and it can also be used with other materials to make it more unique. Designers in the design of furniture modeling take the traditional style and ergonomic principles, the use of computer design European style, pastoral style, Chinese style and other styles of fusion of various types of furniture, so that people from the physical and psychological greater satisfaction, to meet the modern The taste of stylish homeowners.

In addition to the above advantages, bamboo furniture also has the following features:

The first is that it is warm in winter and cool in summer. Due to the natural characteristics of bamboo, its moisture absorption and heat absorption properties are higher than those of other woods. Therefore, it is sitting on the hot summer season.

The second is to return to the original, bamboo furniture to maintain the original natural lines of bamboo, giving people a simple, classical feeling. It can be said that bamboo furniture fits the concept of environmental protection.