What are the characteristics of bamboo tea set?
30 July 04

Easy to make

Bamboo and wood tea sets are generally made of bamboo or wood, and the raw materials are easy to obtain and the cost is not high. The general design of bamboo and wood tea sets is relatively simple, so it is still very convenient to make.


High environmental protection

Compared with metal gaps, glass tea sets and other tea sets, bamboo and wood tea sets are more environmentally friendly. On the one hand, the raw materials of bamboo and wood are very natural and healthy and contain no substances that are harmful to the human body. On the other hand, during the production and production of bamboo and wood tea sets, there will be no pollution to the environment.


Beautiful and generous

The appearance of bamboo and wood tea sets is very good, the tone of the wood looks comfortable and harmonious, and the simple design can show a relaxed and comfortable life attitude.