What are the common drying methods for rubber wood cutting boards?
30 July 04

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 The cutting board manufacturer stated that it is generally performed during the processing of rubber wood cutting boards to reduce the deformation and cracking during use. The commonly used drying methods are mainly the following:

    1. Vacuum drying is the drying of wood under atmospheric conditions. The drying medium can be moist air, but most of it is superheated steam. During vacuum drying, the difference in water vapor pressure inside and outside the wood increases, which accelerates the rate of water migration within the wood.

    2. Dehumidifying and drying As with conventional drying, atmospheric wet air is used as the drying medium and air convection heats the wood. It has the advantages of energy saving, good drying quality, and no pollution to the environment. However, the dehumidifying drying usually has low temperature and long drying cycle, relying on electric heating and high power consumption, thus affecting its popularization and application.

    There is also high-temperature drying and conventional, the drying medium can be wet air, it may be superheated steam. The advantages of high-temperature drying are fast drying speed, good dimensional stability, and short cycle time. However, high-temperature drying tends to cause dry defects, darker wood, surface hardening, and difficulty in processing.