What are the natural advantages of bamboo plates?
30 July 04

Bamboo plates are the natural advantages it covered bamboo as raw material to cover the bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. it 1/3 faster than the fastest-other trees, bamboo 3-

Hardwood timber months 5 years while the traditional rhyme needs at least 10-20 years. It is its natural characteristics. In addition. Bamboo sheets natural advantage is also reflected in its texture is very good, not only in appearance. Also

Through different processes. Formed own-it s used bamboo plates made of products can I take authorities a return fight. bamboo is very strong. Than ordinary wood

You want it more than twice times. To compare mahogany beauty. Bamboo plate performs better than MT. Toughness is high enough, bamboo plate right used advised nT* is no pollution to the environment

Ring raw materials. This is the natural advantages of the bamboo plates.