What are the processing of bamboo products?
30 July 04

Material preparation / hand-made / hand-carved / sanding / group sand / painting / package


Preparation: Selection of inspection and applicable specifications bamboo raft panel, according to product size cutting, cutting, lengthening ≤1.5cm processing, according to product shaped irregularities, size specifications after trimming planed light plane, thickness ≤ 0.3mm Folding processing, the use of water-based polymer isocyanate wood adhesive in normal pressure (direct pressure 16 MPa, side pressure 20 MPa) temperature at 35 °C to be dry 3H stereotyped as one.

Subtle work: According to the shape and size of the product, it is processed into a curved shape. The shape and sample are not abnormal and the size is controlled within ±1mm. Fine cutting and drilling require an accuracy of ±0.5mm, and the appearance and shape of the car's plot and copying should not exceed 2-3mm.

 Hand-engraving: No need for burrs or knife-stamps for reference shape, smooth and natural, same shape and size, hard-to-deform material of bamboo products, clear carved texture, strong angularity,

Sanding: With 80# emery cloth, coarse sand can not be deformed, it needs to be smooth, 150#, 180#, 240# sanding process is required for smooth sand, smoothness and smoothness are required, and 150# and 180# are used for engraving products. 240# emery cloth sanding sandpaper emery cloth petal, non-deformable, flat, strong three-dimensional feeling.

Assembled: Assembled with AB steel glue, cloth glue evenly, no glue overflow phenomenon, apply proper pressure, dry glue in about 6 hours at 30°C-35°C before decompression and reproduction, to ensure that the structure is not loose, solid and firm .

Check the sand: For the dead ends of the product joints to touch the scratches, use 180#, 240# emery cloth for hand sand treatment, require smooth and smooth, keep in the warm room environment of 25°C-30°C for 24 hours to keep the product humidity at ± 12 °C or so.

Painting: The paint is mainly based on bamboo and wood grain, and it has three sides and two sides. It requires clear and transparent bamboo surface, shiny, smooth, feels good, and wear-resistant. The carving products are distinctive and the three-dimensional effect is strong.

Inspection packaging: Ensure that the surface is flawless, the appearance of the shape, size and size to meet the original standards, the use of packaging materials, 150 pounds of paper styrofoam strength 18-23 kg, packaging testing through the trial shock, pressure test, test drop test to ensure product quality.