What are the sizes of bamboo cutting boards?
30 July 04

Small size bamboo chopping board

The small chopping board is about 20*30cm to 40*60cm in size, and is mainly used to treat dishes, that is, cut vegetables and meat.

bamboo chopping board.jpg

Medium size chopping board

The size of the medium size cutting board is approximately between 40*60cm to 80*100cm. It is mainly used to treat pasta. In daily life, medium-sized chopping boards are mostly used to make noodles. The bamboo wood cutting board has the characteristics of easy air drying, no moldiness and no odor, but the bamboo wood cutting board needs to regularly treat the cutting marks during use.


Large size chopping board

Large-size chopping boards are mainly bamboo wood cutting boards over 80*100cm in size. Large-sized chopping boards are less common in family life and are used in restaurants or catering industries to handle large batches of food or to perform large-volume food processing.