What do you do with the peculiar smell of bamboo Cheese Cutting Board?
30 July 04

The bamboo Cheese Cutting Board itself has no peculiar smell, only the clear fragrance of bamboo. If you do not like the taste of this fragrant, you can leave it for a while. This taste is harmless to the human body and can be placed at home. In addition, there are two possible odors.

Bamboo products are all kinds of things made of bamboo. During the production process, in order to make products, various techniques are used to ensure that bamboo is not attacked by insects, or that the color of bamboo is maintained as it is without turning yellow. , Black, or other changes. For aesthetic considerations, an exterior protection or coating is made. Odor is emitted from the coating.


There is also a possibility that bamboo is added to other materials during the production process, fixed, or bent, or added to the needs of various products. It isn’t bamboo that smells, it's something else.

To deal with the problem of odor is also very simple, first you can use bamboo charcoal, adsorption of various flavors, and then one day after the adsorption of the smell of bamboo charcoal bag in a ventilated place, let it dissipate.

Another way is to put the bamboo products directly in a ventilated place, try to make it taste as soon as possible.

The third method is also very simple, use rice washing, if you do not eliminate it once, you can try it several times. To use the second rice wash, the first one is too dirty and the third one is too light to have any effect.

If the bamboo products are inconveniently placed in a ventilated place and do not want to buy bamboo charcoal or rice washing, a fourth method is to light candles at home and let the candles be placed near the bamboo products for one night. The taste in the two days will be much lighter, and you can use it until the smell completely disappears.